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Why choose Kapstyle Luandry & Dry-Cleaning services?

We specialize in stain removal and expert pressing that restores your clothes to a clean, fresh and crisp new look which may not be accomplished by doing it at home. This is because home drying kits may remove certain water based stains but are ineffective in removing soils and oil-based stains.

Dry Cleaning: All items should be handled differently and as part of our core values to deliver world class results, we inspect all items thoroughly and handle them accordingly. You can be rest assured that your items are in safe hands.

Laundry: Most items go through the laundry process, Sit back and watch your items come back to you in sparkling form..

Steam Ironing: After laundry/dry-cleaning, items go through a systematic ironing process.

Stain Removal: Items that are terribly stained go through a stain removal process. Prior to laundry/dry cleaning, these items will be carefully inspected.

Professional folding and packaging: Items are carefully and professionally packaged. You decide how you want them; they may either be hung or folded.